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HR Information Database

  HR systems can eliminate or reduce the need for hard-copy employee files, keeping all of the information very organized and easy to access in a virtual electronic filing cabinet

Employee /Worker Management

  Dynamic Designation type Set-up

  Dynamic Employee type/sub-type Setup

  Dynamic Worker Type Setup

  Employee /Worker Database

  Employee /Worker Job Role Setup

  Worker Grade Setup

  Dynamic Multiple shift management

  Easy Assign workers to different shifts

  Roster working calendar for employees/worker

  Various dynamic filteiing reports to view / track emploee/workers according to requirements

  Bulk upload of employee lists from excel file

  Joining, confirmation, termination or any kind of official letter generator and letter register

  Dropout System (Terminate who are absent for 10 days)

  Appointment / Confirmation Letter

  Manage Current Vacancies

  Manage Applicant Profile

  Schedule Interview and Confirmation

  Employee Training

Performance Management

  Managers can gather information directly from the system without having to dig through paperwork, so the entire process is faster and smoother

  Measure employee performance according to key performance indicators (KPI) like daily attendance, production efficiency, daily target filled by the workers, ERP usage and performing daily tasks

  The system automatically calculates the yearly increment based on the employee performance

  Employee’s tasks outside the office automatically add to the daily task

  Leave management is also automated and ERP keeps all records of leave application

  Employee ranking is automated based on their monthly performance of the employee


  Our HR and payroll solution can be configured to comply with various legislative requirements, including the standard rules set by the buyer or any other appropriate governing authority


Payroll Systems

  Keeps employee data integrated with payroll data, which can be very helpful when it comes to making changes in pay, scheduling, keeping track of employee hours including integration with production

  Automatically calculates salary based on company’s pay scale or monthly production

  Auto generation of all records of the salary along with bonus, advance salary request and any kind of deduction (late attendance, absence, OT, increment, previously taken advance salary etc.)

  Auto generation of all employee’s pay slip after the salary being issued

  Pay slips automatically sent to all employees

  Auto attendance and absence record of each employee

  Dropout settlement

  Cost center wise compliance and non-compliance report

  Salary requisition

  Bank request letter for fund transfer

Employee Self-Service

  Employee self-service often includes features that allow employees to view and make changes to their information, submit time off requests, communicate with peers and HR professionals, and view schedule information

Capacity Management

  Company Management

  Floor Management

  Unit Management

  Section Management

  Block Management

  Machine Management

  Department Management

  Daily Assign of workers to machines

Leave Management

  Automatic calculates leave per employee/worker according to company’s rules and regulation

  Paid/Unpaid Leave application

  Short/Full Day Leave

  Integration with salary to adjust any unpaid leave

  Auto leave Adjustment after approval for absent

  Easy to use leave approval system

  Auto identifies if quota reached


Streamline payroll processes and ensure policy compliance

  ln/Out times in clearly defined fields

  Capture time for the entire pay period on a single screen

  Track employee time down to specific activities

  Set up automatic emails and alerts to employees and managers to ensure on-time submissions and approvals

Automate Overtime Policies and Compliance

  Easily create and administer overtime and other business rules to enforce company's policies with consistency

  Easily support any local, province, state or country specific overtime laws

  Easily track overtime versus regular hours and automate all pay calculation

  Support compliance to meal breaks, rounding rules and other attendance policies


Ensure Timely Payroll Submission

  Review, filter and manage all timesheets to ensure timely submission and compliance

  Centrally manage time off

Simplify Day off Requests and Administration

  Empower employees to submit time off requests over the ERP

  View and track employee attendance

  Easily view up-to-date time off requests and balances

  Notify Supervisors for allocating workers to appropriate tasks if any worker is absent

Easily Analyze & Report on Time and Attendance Data

  Enjoy real-time visibility into time and attendance data

  Easily configure reports to filter and view data the way you need it

  Export reports to various file formats for convenient viewing


  Monitor office buildings after hours for security

  Secure the entries and out including staff, visitors, vehicles, goods etc. through the gate


  Production floor /store video surveillance to discourage theft or inconsistency

  Simple and effective video security system

  Automation of visitor and entry registries


  Multi department and multi location support

  Comprehensive POS day closing

  Multi-Level Item Set Up

  User Management

  Inventory management

  Optional LC/Pl generation

  Support for all types of POS accessories

  Support for all types of inventory including multi-dimensional item entry (color, size, style), items with serial nos (mobile, TV Sets, computer spares)

  Multiple bill types and payment options

  Setting different price levels, Mark-up, Mark-down pricing - price protection reports


  Configure to suit your business process, policies and operating procedures

  Bar code scan option in all the transactions differentiates your business

  PDT based stock audit

  Support for exchange schemes in billing

  Support for gift voucher creation

  Home delivery management

  Customer management, Loyalty programs, Promotion and schemes

  Comprehensive, flexible and user-defined Reports

  100% VAT enabled

  Integrated Trade and Statutory accounting


  Auto integration of Accounting Journal entry with business operations

  Easy to use interface

  Company wise separate accounts or group wise consolidation

  Chart of Accounts creation, modification and delete. Up to 8 Levels of Code creation.

   Flexible to expanded if required

  Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal Voucher Entry/Search/ modification

  Accounting Year closing according to any set Period

  Auto posting of recurring transactions as per schedule

  Automatic calculation of all financial ratios


  Comprehensive financial reporting as per the standard accepted format set by management, which includes Balance sheet, Profit and Loss A/C, Trial Balance, Ledger, Cash Flow, Receipt Payments and Financial Ratios

  Reports are linked to interconnect with ledgers and transactions to aid auditing

  Comprehensive charting is provided for important benchmarks

  Track Machine Maintenance & Costs

  Track Vehicle Maintenance & Costs

  Easy and Auto Posting to Journal Entry for TA/DA or any other Daily expenses

  Daily Expense Management with accounts integration

  Daily, monthly, or specific date range reports


  Goods receipt, Goods Return

  Supplier Invoice

  Quality and Stock Update

  Debit / Credit Note

   Material Outward inspection

  Goods returned Note

  Goods returned Summary

  Supplier Evaluation

  Opening Stock Update

  Requisitions (In/Out)

  Stock Allotment to Orders

  Stock Transfers

  Stock Audit and Adjustments

  Asset-and/or store item Creation, modification, delete and search through different parameters

  Vehicle Management

  Management of damaged/used/repair item

  Auto Business Logic Processing

  Asset and Store Stock/Inventory Reports

  Store Item issuance tracking system

  Reports for Asset and Store management and also customizable according to requirements



  Every process either in HR, Merchandising, Commercial or any other required modules goes through Approval process

  Higher Authorities can approve, Reject or Refer to other employees/employer in order to approve

  Worker capability analysis & evaluation process

  Notifications are stacked under specific users basket and can be retrieved by the specific user in order to notify whether the request has been approved or rejected

  Requests tracker


  Notification management system

  Notifies yarn received, delays, production progress, in a word anything to deal with notification

  Notification received by dedicated users only


  Training presentations can be uploaded and available to all users

  Every user can go through the training process and take examination through the ERP

  Examination questions are random to different users every time

  Examination marks and certification are auto generated

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