Fully integrated online Garments ERP Solution

Our Garments ERP Solution is a complete solution conisisting of 16 Modules with advanced and unique features.

Garments ERP Solution

Garments ERP Solution is a web based solution for Garments Industries; contains 16 modules and provide automated sms and email services to employees, employers and buyers. It has been designed extensively to cover all the aspects and activities for any garments industry, which can control their business for individual and any number of branches from anywhere in the world. It can also be customized to inherit similar business area or single or multiple modules. The solution also helps buyers to order online and track progress for their orders.

Modules for Garments ERP Solution

  • Payrole & Attendance
  • HR
  • Accounts
  • Establishment
  • Order Management
  • Distribution / Supplier Management
  • Inventory & Purchase Management
  • Logistics
  • MIS
  • Client Management
  • Access Control
  • User Activity
  • Approval
  • Utilities
  • Expense & LC Management
  • Chat Room
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