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  • ERP Software Development

    Enterprise resource planning or ERP systems are software systems that are used for operations planning, administration and for optimizing internal business processes, including manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources, and warehouse management. A typical ERP software will integrate (or attempt to integrate) all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

  • How can I benefit from ERP software?

    In the absence of an ERP system, a large company may find itself with many software applications that do not talk to each other and do not effectively interface. Tasks that need to interface with one another may involve: manufacturing, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoicing, accounting, marketing, human resources management and so on. Without the right ERP solution that integrates all of these systems, it can be quite a complicated system for a company to manage.

  • Services we offer

    DiTCL specializes in ERP software development and develops high quality solutions for mid-size and large multi-national companies. Since ERP system is pretty complex software that should be deeply integrated in all business processes of an organization, we believe that this is not the place for general mass-market solutions and use individual approach to every project. ERP software developed with us is:

  • Powerful

    integrates all your business data and processes into one unified system.

  • Customized

    solution developed exactly for your business, considering all needs of your company.

  • Secure

    strong protection mechanisms to prevent both insider and outsider theft, such as espionage, abuse or sabotage of the information.

  • Reliable

    reliable data storage, processing, and backup mechanism to make sure you won't lose your information due to hardware failures.

  • Easy-to-use

    simple and intuitive interface will not distract you from your work and reduce adaptation costs.

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