Fully integrated online Garments ERP Solution

Our Garments ERP Solution is a complete solution conisisting of 16 Modules with advanced and unique features.

Garments ERP Solution

Garments ERP Solution is a web based solution for Garments Industries; contains 16 modules and provide automated sms and email services to employees, employers and buyers. It has been designed extensively to cover all the aspects and activities for any garments industry, which can control their business for individual and any number of branches from anywhere in the world. It can also be customized to inherit similar business area or single or multiple modules. The solution also helps buyers to order online and track progress for their orders.

   Special Features

   Designed as per Local Industry requirements & regulations

   Comprehensive, Customized, Integrated Web based Solution

   One solution for entire Industry Process and Company Operations

   Auto Updates for 5 Years

   Built-in Document Management

   Inherent Robust Rule-Engine

   End to End solution

   Fully automated at real time

   Free from nightly batch runs

   Fast, Robust & Secure

   Unlimited Branches (No extra or hidden charge for any additional branches)

   Unlimited Users (No extra or hidden charge for any additional users)

   Complete Training on ERP provided

   Live Attendance Solution

   Instant Payroll system, fully integrated with production module

   Fully Automated Production Process

   Live Production Status & Live Chart

   Fully Integrated with complaince

Modules for Garments ERP Solution

  • Payrole & Attendance
  • HR
  • Accounts
  • Establishment
  • Order Management
  • Distribution / Supplier Management
  • Inventory & Purchase Management
  • Logistics
  • MIS
  • Client Management
  • Access Control
  • User Activity
  • Approval
  • Utilities
  • Expense & LC Management
  • Chat Room

      Fully Integrated 21 module

      Manage & Maintain total business

      Auto SMS & e-mail Notification from each required points

      Fully Automated and integrated Complaince Support

      Web Management Portal within the ERP Solution


      Apply for Jobs Online

      Authorized Buyers Portal to view production status instantly

      Online Order Registration

      Submit Queries online

  • AUTO SMS SERVICES (Local & Internatlonal)

      Employee Recruitment

      Notification on Production Status to certain Authorized Personnel

      Delayed Ordered Material lnhouse Notification

      Early Notification on production completed/delayed

      Birthday Wishes to Employees/Buyers

      Bulk SMS Services to send SMS to all Employees / Buyers

      SMS Log & Monitoring System

    The ldentlcal steps are

    Employee card scanned by reader

    Yarn amount assigned to employee

    System auto generates trace numbers, which are printed and issued to an employee (e.g. When 12 body and sleeve parts are issued to an employee, the system will generate and print 12 trace numbers to be attached to the garments)

    ERP system keeps track and stores all information and takes all relevant actions accordingly

    The Identlcal steps are

    Employees submit their work

    The weight machine weighs the products and stores in ERP

    The system keeps track of every single garments and calculates payments automatically

    The system also calculates wastage

    The Identlcal steps are

    Garments will be scanned by barcode reader

    Faulty products will be returned back to the employee who did the work

    Quality passed products will be added in to the total received and forwarded to the next operation


      Facilitate to create purchase order for any number of styles, to any destination with size ratio and packing guide line

      Supplier Pro-forma Invoice

      Bill of Materials (BOM) set up

      Order follow up using Critical Path

      Complete integration with production and other modules, insure you always hold the optimal stock enabling you to meet commitments and maximize profitability

      View requisitioned quantities, required quantities, purchased quantities and received quantities from single screen ensuring no materials are missed and any delays are immediately identified

      Purchase Requisitions, import and export POs supported

      Each style supports an unlimited number of sub styles, colors, sizes

      Trims, embellishments, variable costs, body parts and style markers

      Specify multiple cost sheets per style

      Multi-currency and multi-unit. Mix units and currencies within cost sheet and system will manage all conversions

      Preferred suppliers, costs, mark-ups and sale prices are configurable and easily accessible for every element

      Include unlimited images of styles, spares, colors, trims, embellishments

      Re-peat order management


      Generate production capacity plans using best available slots

      Join separate orders into a single production batch or split orders into separate batches

      Allows interactive or manual setup of operation jobs

      Dynamic production plan management system

      Real time analysis of planned vs. actual production determine areas of inefficiency and potential improvement

      Intelligent time and production management system automatically re-assigns

      Completion dates and reschedules productions in case of delay

      Automated notification system in case of shift from production plan

      Automate Over time planning and allocation as per order and capacity requirements

      Production Calendar and Day Break facilities available to view and reallocate production planning

      Over Time Calendar

      Delivery Calendar

      Redo/ Undo Planner

      Order follow up using Graphical Interface

      Capacity Planner

      Shifts the plan dynamically, taking into account the current situation

      Automated identification of over booked orders


    Sample Management

      Sample preparation

      Sample Approval

      Sampling Database keeps track of every samples prepared for each orders approved/rejected

      Summarize sampling Cost & prepare production cost accordingly for each style/order


      Input style as per the Spec-Sheet provided by the buyer

      Style Summary

      Spec. Sheet Can be downloaded at any time

      Style, size, color, operation, operation type entry


      Yarn Input

      Automatic yarn consumption for the style

      Automated yarn order preparation, identifies unallocated similar yarn available on the stock

      Yarn lot segregation

      Cost Calculation


      Accessories Input

      Accessories Consumption

      Automated accessories order preparation

      Identifies unassigned similar accessories available on the stock

    Sample Approval

      Determine every operation procedures in an order which automates and eases the production process automatically, therefore, every sample/style has its dynamic unique operations that gets automated in the production pipeline.


      Consume yarn, accessories and SMV for a single unit

      Input Sample SMV

      Piece Rate Calculation (If Required)


      Full automation of production processes including issuing, receiving, inspections and alterations

      Generate bundles and manage movements including all body parts

      Automatic unit conversion including between length and weight units (e.g. from Yards to LBs)

      All the necessary reports and bundle stickers

      Operations are assigned to workers with tracking numbers to track the contribution of the employees/workers to each individual unit and operations, they were involved in

      Quality check with break downs in every operation

      Quality control and real time production report

      Real time Production Dashboards and status

      Live Production Monitoring as per Block, Order, or even Operation

      Production based notifications

      Production tracing details as per worker or unique code or order

      Processes re-peat orders and set operations automatically


      LC Management : Manage Master LC, Back to Back LC , Sales Contract, Export and Import Invoices in an integrated way

      Documents Tracking System : Keep track of all commercial documents

      Commercial Approval

      Amendment of LC : Amendment facilities for Master LC, Back to Back LC and Sales Contract


      Quotation - Purchase / Process

      Customer Supplied Products

      Approvals & Follow ups

      Vessel booking


      Auto integration with sampling data from specific orders and sets targets for major operations

      Customized data analysis

      Auto measures daily targets for other operations (e.g. light check, washing, ironing etc.) and suggests to set daily targets

      Worker capability analysis & evaluation process

      Dynamically changes targets according to production requirements

      IE based calculations automation with the optimization of complex processes

      IE module produces various system generated graphs to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, man-hours, machine time, energy and other resources. By analyzing pictorial information, management can figure out how to do things better

  • YARN

      Yarn & Raw Materials set up

      Auto consumption of yarn for any designated order

      Yarn order preparation and processing

      Recieve Yarn

      Yarn Store Management and Allocation


      Accessories set up

      Auto consumption of accessories for any designated order

      Accessories order preparation and processing

      Receive Accessories


      Generate packing number in any sequence as provided

      Auto assortments for both solid and assorted packing in any order

      Automatically align products for packing according to packing assortments filtered by destination point

      Integrated delivery and logistics support

      Logistics, Delivery Management & Scheduling

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